Adelaide Easter Sunday Bench Tourney

This is ultra-short notice, but as we have never held a tournament in Adelaide we thought we might  do a practice one this coming Sunday.

Bench Tournament style.  Everyone who turns up will be in one of 3 teams, selected on the day.  Dodgy prizes,  BBQ and cold beverages.

Starts at 2pm sharp so get there early. Usual location

All going well Adelaide Bike Polo will hold a more formal and better organised tournament later in the year and extend the invitation out to other cities.

6 thoughts on “Adelaide Easter Sunday Bench Tourney


    Tiger airways has a $38 flight 6:30am Sunday morning and same priced return Monday 6:30

    Happy to play mixed teams at a bench tourney but the scoring sub-out is a bit of a turn off. Will be interesting to see if it discourages players from actually scoring (especially if their team is up by a few)

    Nobody has held a self selected teams/bench tourney yet. That would be interesting.

    But them again, Brisbane or Adelaide have never held normal tourneys either.

  2. To be honest, we will be very flexible. If anyone wants to travel from interstate then you can be in a team together and numbers made up from here if needed. The goal scoring sub out may or may not work. I am expecting around 6 players per team, and with short 15minute halves this prevents one hot shot player from staying on for the full time. We have a very wide skill range in Adelaide and I want to keep competition as close as possible. Rules can change ;-) If there is enough people against this particular rule then we might scrap it.

  3. It went really well,

    same crowd as our usual pick-up games, but playing in a set team with prizes at stake gave it that extra edge. There is a full write up on the Adelaide blog and we’ll try and get a mini write up on here.

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