Chuck it in Bro – Waitangi Day Tournament – Sydney


10am Saturday, February 6, 2010
Alexandria Park
Park Road
Alexandria, NSW, 2015
See map: Google Maps

I know Waitangi Day is a Kiwi holiday, but Australia Day falls on a Tuesday this year and there’s quite a few polo playing New Zealanders in Sydney.

At this stage the format is to be round robin (2-3 groups) followed by seeded single elimination.

A note for any interstaters/out-of-towners: Depending on the amount of teams that register, the tournament may need to be completed on the Sunday. In any case we will be playing pick up on Sunday so you should stick around for that.

Signup/Discuss and More Details for this Tournament at League of Bike Polo

Host club: Sydney bike polo
Contact info: Donald 0414 764 478

Court size: Basketball courts

2 thoughts on “Chuck it in Bro – Waitangi Day Tournament – Sydney

  1. Sydney Bike Polo – Chuck it in Bro Rules

    • Split Round Robin followed by seeded single elimination
    • Games are played first to 5 goals, or 8 minutes in Round Games, 10 minutes in the Elimination Finals (1 minute warning will be given) and untimed for Grand Final.
    • In the Round Robin, a win will count for 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points
    • In the Elimination Finals, if game is tied after full time, play will continue and the game will be decided by “golden goal” ( goal wins)

    • To start the game, the referee calls 3,2,1 (Polo/Go/Kill etc).
    • Shuffling, dribbling and passing may be done with the side of the mallet.

    • Like to like only contact is allowed: mallet on mallet, body on body, (parallel) bike on bike.
    • No mallets under player’s wheels
    • No throwing mallets
    • Mallet handle & handlebar ends must be capped
    Tapping In
    • Dabbing (touching the ground with your foot) results in you having to tap in before you can re-enter play.
    • Players cannot kick the ball (must tap out)
    • Minor infringements will result in a tap –out at the referee’s discretion

    • Shuffles do not count as a goal.
    • Shots on goal must be done with the end of the mallet to score
    • A height limit of the cones will apply for goals.
    • Own goals count (even a shuffle)
    • Shots deflected off court edges and other bikes on the court or off defender’s mallets count as a goal
    • Shots deflected off the side of an offensive players mallet do not count (deemed a shuffle)
    • A deflection off the back wall does not count. (eg, the ball bounces off the inside of a goalie)
    • Scooping/Ball Jointing/Dragging cannot be used to score. You must release the ball before you take a shot.
    • You can feed a teammate the ball through the goal to score but you cannot feed yourself (at least one pass must be made before you can legally score)
    • If a rule is breached in a deliberate attempt to stop a goal, the goal may be awarded at the discretion of the referee if it is believed that that ball would have entered the goal otherwise

    After a goal
    • After a goal is scored, members of the scoring team must circle behind their goals before they can return to play
    • The scoring team does not need to wait for the other team to cross half way
    • The scored upon team retrieves possession of the ball and can continue straight away.
    • If a player from the scoring team engages in play before circling the goal including, but not limited to, touching the ball, their WHOLE TEAM must circle the goal again before coming back into play

    • A team may only substitute players in the case of injury, or at the referees discretion for other reasons.
    • A team may only have ONE substituted player on the court at any time
    • Ref will stop the game will stop for injury or mechanical failure resulting from a crash.
    • Limited time outs for mechanical failure (at the ref’s discretion).

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