Chuck it in Bro Results! Feb 6th – Sydney

Congratulations to the Bush League Bush Rangers!

Bush League Bush Rangers, First Place!

On the the wettest day in Sydney that we have had for months the BUSH LEAGUE BUSHRANGERS narrowly prevailed over CHILLY BIN LADEN 5 to 4.. But the real winner was Sydney with 2 teams in the final for the very first time in a tournament.

At the end of round robin, Top Centre were on top undefeated followed by Team Coopers, Bush League Bushrangers, Chilly Bin Laden, Jetnikoff and the Extras. In the first round of finals, Jetnikoff and the Extras were knocked out by Chilly Bin Laden and the Bush League. In the semis it was the underdogs that knocked the top 2 out – Bush League pantsing Coopers 5 -0 and Chilly Bin Laden beating Top Centre 5 – 3.

Thank you to everyone that braved the shit conditions

1st – Bush League Bushrangers – Lewis (SYD) Mitch (SYD) Maija (Toronto)
2nd – Chillly Bin Laden – Locky (NZ/SYD) Ben (SYD) Virginia (SYD)
= 3rd – Top Centre (2 lefts don’t make a right) – Damon (MELB) Ray (MELB) Vive (MELB)
Team Coopers – Joe (SYD) Doddy (SYD) Shifty (SYD)
= 5th – Jetnikoff – Julian (SYD) Will (MELB) Jol (London)
Extras – Brooke (SYD) Natalie (Switzerland) Brad (LA)

MVP: Vive

A special thank you to our awesome ref Donald for stepping out of the tourney to run show, standing in the rain and keeping it choice, bro. I think we’re learning the importance of an independent authority in our Tourneys.

The rain and maze of puddles on the court changed the dynamic immensely, shots and passes were halted mid-play leaving teams to adjust their strategies.

There’s an edge to Sydney bike polo that you just don’t get anywhere else, maybe it’s the crazy fast cars and narrow streets that make you the toughest roughest bike polo players in the country.

Team Coopers and Top centre were all fired up for a Sydney Melbourne final but were both knocked to the gutters, stunned (and soaked to our socks).

In Sydney, they play a fast physical game, they know who is a threat and they take them out. There’s no time to think about what hurts because they’ll score on you and then score again before you knew what happened.

Kudos to the internationales, Brad & Lily, Maija, Nathalie and Jol (kinda :) Really Helps keep things in perspective to have so many people bringing their styles together in this ‘sunburnt’ country.

Sydney Rules!


Post written by Virginia and Damon and mashed together.

More at: day tourney

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