AHBPC09 Photos & Results

Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009

Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo ChampionshipsAustralian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

Results are online at the League of Bike Polo

Day 1 was a 2/3rd’s incomplete Round Robin of 18 teams.

Results (available shortly) from this Round Robin were scrapped on Saturday night.

Day 2 was a Double Elimination Tournament.

MVP – Kaiser (Sheize Katze)
Best Girl – Maija (Bush League Bush Rangers)
Best Goal – Maija
Best Goalie – AJ (Meat and 2 Veg)

1st Place – Meat & 2 Veg, Melbourne (Leigh, Rob and AJ)
2nd Place – Scheisse Katze, Germany, Melbourne (Kaiser, Alex and Easy)
3rd Place – Bush League Bushrangers, Sydney/Toronto (Lewis, Mitch and Maija)
4th Place – Jailbreakers, Castlemaine (Paddy, Laurie and Mr Reliable)
5th Place – Beaumont Children, Adelaide/Oakland (Andrew, Stephen and Morgan)
5th Place – Ivan Mallet, Adelaide (Neil, Tom and Dan)
7th Place – Ride of the Conchords, Melbourne (Rob, Vive and Tali)
7th Place – Penguins, Melbourne/Brisbane (John, Alex and AntmanDan)
9th Place – Ten Mellons, Melbourne/London/Memphis (Sam, Jol and Anthony)
9th Place – West Tang, Brisbane (Ranga, Benne and Gypsy)
9th Place – Team Panther, Sydney (Lachlan, Steve and Virginia)
9th Place – Morphing Muppets, Melbourne/Oakland (Scott, Nick and Kez substutited by Morgan)
13th Place – Piss Corner Polo, Perth (Ash, Brad and Prawi)
13th Place – Kill Charles, Melbourne (Charles, Bart and Chris)
13th Place – Mungo’s Last Meal, Brisbane (Bender, Chester and Will)
13th Place – Top Centre, Melbourne (Ray, Pete and Damon)
DFL – Boranges, Melbourne (Caff, Woric, Marco, Sean, Thorin with subbing)
DFL – Good Ovary Times, Melbourne/Adelaide/Oakland (Bec, Stef and Sam)

Where players on the same team are from different places, the listing is formatted as follows:
2 players from Location A/1 Player from Location B

We have created a Flickr group for the AHBPC09 and would like to invite everyone to upload their best 15 photos of the two day event


Please take a look through the pool of photos before uploading so that we have a wider range and don’t end up with duplicates

Please also tag your photos with AHBPC2009

Thank you to our two dedicated on-court photographers Ahmad Sabra and Marcus Visic, and to Sarah and Damon for taking on and off court photos.  Mossko’s photos are here on flickr.

5 thoughts on “AHBPC09 Photos & Results

  1. Hey Rob. Thanks for posting the results. I had a great time over the weekend, you guys did a great job! For your info I was playing with the Penguins not Mungo’s Last Meal, the player missing from Mungo’s is Will. Hope to see you all up here in 2010!

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