Nationals Update


The nationals are only 5 weeks away, some great sponsors are signing on, prizes are stacking up, people are starting to make new mallets and get their bikes prepared for the national championship. So far, discussion with players from around australia indicate the following attendance:

  • Perth 1 team,
  • Sydney 3 or 4 teams,
  • Brisbane 2 teams,
  • Adelaide 2 teams,
  • Castlemaine 1 team,
  • Melbourne 8 or so teams

To confirm the numbers and help plan the timetable, registrations will close a week before the championship (Sunday 22 Nov). Please register on for now. We’re working on an online team registration form… stay tuned

The excitement’s starting to build!

Being at the same time as the Bicycle Film Festival, you might want to check out some of the
film program
satellite events

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