Timetable, matches

2009 National Bike Polo Championship


Registration at 10AM Saturday 28th September


Polo is played from 10am until 6pm.

There is an after party from 7pm, The Tramway hotel in Fitzroy North – 165 Rae St. Tel (03) 9486 2811. This will be a Bike Polo event.


Polo is played from 10am until 6pm but we’ve got the court until 9pm.

There will be some packing-up and cleanup to do.

There is an after party “Bikes Rock” on Sunday at The Tote from 6pm in Abbotsford – 71 Johnston St (Cnr Wellington and Johnston St). Tel (03) 9419 5320. This will be a Bike Polo and BFF event.


Matches will run for 10 minutes or first to 5 goals, whichever is first.

The preliminary matches will be Round Robin, or Swiss Round Robin so that each team has an opportunity to play each other team.

Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals will be Single elimination and will run for 15 minutes or first to 5 goals, whichever is first.

4 thoughts on “Timetable, matches

  1. Has the format been finalised yet?
    There was discussion about whether it would be round-robin, double-elimination or a combination of the two.
    Double-elimination could mean only getting to play 2 games. This would be a real bummer for those who’ve travelled from far and wide…

  2. Hey that’s a really good question. We are pushing (hard) for Round Robin, but it depends on how many teams register. Not all teams have registered yet, so we can’t say definitely yet.

    Will update here as soon as it’s finalised.

  3. Please keep pushing for Round Robin – I am really looking forward to playing as many teams as possible (as is everyone else from Sydney).

    How do we register prior to the tournament so we can give you a better idea of numbers?

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