Autumn Tournament Results… (hello winter)

Preliminary results.

8 Teams entered.

Round Robin, Placings based on points.

10 min games, first to 3.

Thanks again to all our sponsors for donating some great prizes to the tournament,  Thanks for supporting bikepolo!

Sponsors Include: Crumpler, Knog, Skin Grows BackCBD CyclesMy Mountain Commuter Cycles & The Spokesman, and the urbanbicyclist project.

A bit thanks also to everyone involved in organisation of the tournament (Rob, Cath, AJ and the whole crew!) and those who helped keep the tournament and registration running (Scotty and Vive + More!)

1st Place, Top Centre (4 eva) (Ray, Pete and Damon)

2nd Place, Three Less Horses (Leigh, Rob and Robbie)
3rd Place, My Milkshake Brings The Boys To The Yard (Kez, Ryan and Will) [soundtrack here]
4th Place, Paper, Scissors, Rock (Alex, Joel and Matt)
5th Place, The Penguins (Jem, Alex 4.0 and Antmandan from Brisbane)
6th Place, Zombie Roller Disco (Cath, Vik and Charles the undead)
7th Place, Karate Schnitzel (Rob, Bart and Vive)
8th Place, The Rapscallions (Bonnie from Adelaide, Ren and Terri)

Thanks also to Sarah Caufielf from 3RRR’s Along for the Ride for plugging the tourney and taking great photos on the day (and uploading them so quickly).

Team shots by Sarah Caufield. More Tournament Photos by her.

Some more tournament photos by Rob Moss

and even More photos by Caff

Tournament Player Action Photos by Ben Landau.

More photos on Facebook by Taryn Barker

3 thoughts on “Autumn Tournament Results… (hello winter)

  1. Thanks for a great time guys and gals. Thanks also to those who loaned me some equipment on the day, it was much appreciated. Will hopefully catch up for a more relaxed (non-tournament) game of polo.

  2. Thanks everyone for coming and making it a great day, thanks to everyone who helped organise this event: AJ, Damon, Lee, Ray, Pete, Vive, Caff, Kez, RobB (and me I guess), thanks everyone who helped set up the court and pack up afterwards, thanks to Geoff the Ref and Scott the cripple for overcoming his previously broken foot and helping out!

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