MAY 30th + 31st
2 Days of Bike Polo Madness. Paterson St (at Arnold), North Carlton, $5 individual entry or $15 per team
Noon till dark, Saturday and Sunday
Day 1, Set teams elimination, (BYO team or enter the ballot) Noon till Dark.
Day 2, Pickup polo + trackstand, footdown, quickstop + more.
Heaps of prizes for podium placing as well as best player, best new player, best female, best outfits, best stack.
Out of Towners get in touch for billeting.
Big party, Saturday Night.

Sponsors Include: Skin Grows Back, Crumpler, Commuter Cycles CBD Cycles, Human Powered Cycles, The Spokesman, My Mountain + more.

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Penny at Three Thousand Says:
Okay! Yeah! Polo for the people! Bike polo is the best. Did you know that glamour model Jordan plays horse polo? That’s why she got her boobs reduced. The RSPCA rang up. If this is not enough to put you off the horse version and get you down to the bike polo tournament this weekend then you are Peter Andre. This two-day tournament promises pickup polo and trackstand, footdown, quickstop and other activities we’ve never heard of. But there’s a prize for best outfit! – PM, Three Thousand SIGNUP

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