BFF Tournament Results

Despite the rainy day, the tournament went ahead. Spectators were scarce and participants soggy but a fun day was had by all.

“Top Centre 2″ – Damon, Ray and Will – took out first place winning a bag each from Crumpler.

Again sponsors were very generous. Crumpler gave us bags, Knog lights and their awesome new Knog Nerds and the Melbourne Bicycle Film Festival for t-shirts and caps.


Full Results

  • 1st: Top Centre 2 – Damon, Ray, Will
  • 2nd: The League of Extraordinary Penguins – John, Jem, Alex
  • 3rd: Road Smut (aka Road Kill) – Shaun, Sam, Eric
  • 4th: We Play Like Girls – Justina, Bec, Beth


BFF Tournament: Top Centres 2
Top Centre 2: Ray, Damon, Will

BFF Tournament: The League of Extraordinary Penguins
The League of Extraordinary Penguins: Alex, Jem, John

BFF Tournament: Roadkill/Smut Peddlers
Road Smut (aka Road Kill): Shaun, Eric, Sam

BFF Tournament: We Play Like Girls
We Play Like Girls: Justina, Bec, Beth

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