Tournament Round up & Photos

The tournament held, almost two weeks ago, on Sunday the 5th of October was a great success. Seven teams battled for victory, with many more spectators cheering on in the sunshine.

In the end “Top Centre” – Comprised of Damon, Ray and Pete – took first place, only conceding two goals in the process. For their efforts they walked away with a bag each from Crumpler, Nice!

All the sponsors for the day also deserve a big thank you, Crumpler for their bags, Knog for a huge bag of lights and other goodies, the Bicycle Film Festival for festival passes and t-shirts, and Shifter Bikes for some bags of goodies.


Full Results

  • 1st: Top Centre – Damon, Ray, Pete
  • 2nd: iii – Nik, Will, Vik
  • Smut Peddlers – Jerrod, Sam, Robbie
  • Road Kill – Neil, Mitchell, Shaun
  • Chix Diggit – Vanessa, Justina, Bec
  • CH3CH2OH – Jack, John, Garreth
  • Black Brunswickers – Adrian, Bec, Alex

Best Stack – Rebecca

Most Valuable Player – Mitchell


For your information, the Tournament Rules (pdf) we adopted for the day.

More Thanks

An extra big thankyou to everyone who helped with the organisation of the day. Heaps of people put in hard work to make it happen. In particular: Alex4point0 for the spoke cards, Nik for bringing a BBQ on his trailer, Damon for writing the rules and general tips and advice, and Rebecca for a *heap* of work in organisation.


Photos from the day can be found in our flickr group.


iii: Nik, Vik & Will

Top Centre: Ray, Damon and Pete

Chix Diggit: Bec, Justina and Vanessa

Smut Peddlers: Robbie, Jerrod and Sam

Team photos for the Black Brunswickers, CH3CH2OH and Roadkill are on the way!

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